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Energy solutions
The heart of civilizations worldwide are in need of clean energy and more rational energy consumption. Superior systems are needed to realize transition from fossil to sustainable energy.

At Jan de Vries projecten we focus on regional projects for farmers, businesses and communities. We are involved in:

  • Developing solar fields on farmland;
  • Developing energy storage systems for electricity;
  • Implementing efficient small windmill systems;
  • Producing hydrogen, suitable for fuel cells;
  • Energy saving programs for communities.

  • Implementing energy transition systems requires fine-tuning with many parties in society. Therefore we maintain excellent relationships with businesses, government officials, local communities, lawyers, suppliers, universities and off course our clients. Preferred parties that we like to work with:

    company for equipment producing hydrogen is NEL Hyrogen

    our partner Entrance for applied sciences

    our partner Holthausen clean-energy-solutions

    EAZ company for small windmills

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